Why I’m Running


  • I promise the Mundelein community that I will work hard to create a truly inclusive and diverse community, where all voices from all walks of life are heard.

While my intention is to represent all residents of Mundelein, I feel it is very important to speak on behalf of our LatinX community. As a Latina woman, I will bring a unique perspective to the Board that has not been represented before. I understand our culture, our language, our needs.

Community Building

I promise to bring together organizations to provide resources for our residents.

Mundelein is great at hosting many social events, but I would like to take it a step further and provide resources for our residents by partnering up with other taxing bodies such as our schools, libraries, and park districts. For example, we can collaborate to bring basic assistance for families that are struggling and sports/activities for children.

Fiscal Responsibility

I promise to look into strategic spending, to ensure we spend responsibly and look into creative ways to build our reserves and take the burden off taxpayers.

We are at a crucial time where fiscal responsibility is very important. Many small businesses and families are struggling because of the pandemic. As a Village Board, we need to identify which projects are priorities and which projects can wait. We need to come up with ideas to build up our reserves and be proactive and not reactive when faced with hard times.


I promise to help create interest in investing in and bringing new businesses to Mundelein.

I would love to see more small businesses come to Mundelein and thrive. We can attract more businesses by being more accessible and guiding them through the process. I would love to see more minority-owned businesses in our very diverse community. As a daughter of a small business owner, I understand the needs and struggles of entrepreneurs.